Tag: Classroom Management

Episode 2: Balance During NTI

Welcome to week 2! Thanks for joining us again! This week we will start off by discussing how to navigate current events in your classroom, we Dave shares a connection activity called “Mic Check,” we have a conversation around our teaching and connecting during NTI (non-traditional instruction), and finish with a couple heart felt stories from students that know we care.

Episode 1: Bigger than the fart

Welcome to week 1! We are so excited to invite you into our conversation and share our thoughts on connecting with students. Today we will start will a connection activity called “3 Truths and a Lie,” dive into how Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs and how we believe connecting with our students plays a major role in the hierarchy, and we will finish with a fun story about one of our athletes when Dave and I first started coaching together that exemplifies the power of connection. Don’t be fooled by it being a fart story, it’s bigger than the fart.