What are previous parents and students saying?

Mr. Freeburg is the BEST! We could not recommend him highly enough. He has been tutoring my son in AP Calculus for the past year and was key to help him pass the AP exam. Mr Freeburg also taught both my son and daughter math at school, Algebra I and Algebra II trig. He brings so much enthusiasm, positive energy and an in depth understanding of math and how to teach it. He gives the kids confidence both in math and outside of math. He truly cares about the students. He is also very flexible and understands how busy the kids are. Mr. Freeburg is a great communicator and always very punctual. I recommend him, great person, teacher, and tutor!
~ Lori

Tim has been a tutor and mentor to our middle school son for nearly a year now. Our son’s attitude, work ethic and grades have improved beyond our expectations. Tim has a way of connecting and relating that facilitates a great learning experience. I thank our lucky stars we found him and highly recommend him.
~ Kelly

Mr. Freeburg was my sophomore geometry teacher. Before this my toughest classes have always been math- I just couldn’t grasp certain subjects that are essential to moving forwards into Algebra 2 and Pre-Calc. When the SAT rolled around, I did terribly on the math section and I decided to give Mr. Freeburg a call. He helped me to finally grasp those concepts that had given me trouble and I found my confidence in math growing alongside my understanding. My grade in Physics even shot up and I finished the year off with A’s in both subjects. Not to mention my SAT score improved ? . I greatly appreciate everything that Mr. Freeburg has done for me and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help!
~ Natalie

Tim has been tutoring me for years now and I would recommend him to everyone. He customized every session to my needs which helped me keep my grade at an A all year. He’s the best tutor i have ever had!
~ Anna

This year I was enrolled in precalc and I was struggling with math. After I started tutoring with Mr. Freeburg my math grade shot up, I was confident in math, and I was amazed at how fun he could make math! I always look forward to tutoring now and have a totally different perspective on math. I highly recommend him!
~ Natalie

I continuously recommend Tim to friends and I wouldn’t use anyone else but him. He’s flexible and willing to work around my kids busy schedules. My kids think he’s great to work with and he’s been a tremendous help to them. You won’t be disappointed.
~ Layne

Tim is a great tutor, I struggled with math for the longest time in my academic career but with his way of teaching and practicing the concepts I was confused on I improved my grade in my math course. He is very proficient at what he does and works for the students best interest.
~ Cole

My daughter has always struggled with Math. We have tried other tutoring options and haven’t had much success. Tim was referred by a neighbor and I am glad I contacted him. By the end of the semester, she was able to raise her F grade to a C.
~ Tracy

Our high school son really enjoys working with Tim and leaves every session feeling so much more confident about his math material. Tim has a very approachable personality that gels with teenagers. He gets these kids and is able to connect with them. We have seen a significant improvement in our son’s math scores thanks to working with Tim.
~ Beth

Tim has been tutoring my 3 kids for a year now. I have a 9 year old, 7 1/2 year old boys and an almost 6 year old daughter. Tim continues to amaze me by being able to make math fun for my children. They always enjoy it when he comes to tutor and I feel that their confidence in math has tremendously improved.
~ Kara

Freeburg’s welcoming personality made it very easy to come to him for math help. I am truly looking forward to having him help me tackle the scary pre calculus this year. If you are looking for a leg up in math look no further than Tim Freeburg!
~ Hunter

Freeburg helped me a lot my senior year in AP stats. He explained things in a way where I could actually understand them. He wants the best for the kids he tutors and is always available for questions!
~ Britta

I am usually very interested in math and have enjoyed it a lot, but when I got a bad teacher my sophomore year I become more disinterested. Tim helped me understand the stuff that my teacher was unable to communicate clearly. Tim is a wonderful tutor and I highly recommend him to anyone who is struggling in math or who just wants more clarity.
~ Madison

Mr. Freeburg tutored my 2 sons in math last year and both of them enjoyed his teaching style. He is an excellent communicator, has the ability to connect with students on a personal level and customize his instruction to meet their individual needs. I highly recommend him.
~ JR

Tim always came prepared and spent extra time tutoring my daughter until she grasped the material. He broke it down and the lightbulb went on in her headed so much faster than in her statistics class. Tim is a talented teacher who can teach all math levels very effectively. He loves what he does and connects with his students so they feel comfortable asking questions when they don’t understand the material. I highly recommend Tim as a tutor.
~ Nancy

Great guy and an even better math tutor. Just two sessions had me on track to succeeding in alg 2. Highly recommended
~ Dylan

My former PreCalc teacher, Freeburg was extremely helpful in pushing me through AP Calculus. He was very attentive to my needs and had a flexible schedule that allowed me to always receive help when I needed it. Not only was he very good at his job, but he was also a very good friend, who truly cares about how you do in your math courses. By the end of the year, with his help my grade was raised to a B, and I passed calculus with some breathing room.
~ Nick

My son struggled with his geometry his senior year we hooked up with Tim and he is very professional conscientious and cares about his students he is tutoring I was very impressed with his time and caring to better my sons Grade tremendously! Thank you Tim.
~ Teani

I was struggling in my Alg2/Trig class, and then I took the placement test for Cascadia to do running start and I placed in a lower math class than was currently in. Tim tutored me for a couple of months, and I improved my grade in Alg2/Trig — but the best part is that I re-took my math placement test at Cascadia and I tested into Calculus 151, which was three math levels higher than planned. 2 months of tutoring saved me 3 college quarters of math classes I no longer have to take.
~ Tryston

My boys have 2 very different math needs and Mr. Freeburg was able to help both of them. He is thoughtful, creative and professional. He is positive in his approach and is able to help students understand even the most complex math concepts. My boys are better math students because of his help.
~ Nanette

As I was taking AP prep pre-calc I was really falling behind when math had been traditionally one of my strongest subjects. Working with Mr. Freeburg I was able to fully catch up and even work ahead so that I had a foundation going into future chapters in the book. He made the concepts very easy for me to understand and really helped me grasp the subject matter and how various concepts interconnected and built on each other. I was very comfortable with him as a tutor, he kept our session atmosphere easy going and comfortable making them an overall enjoyable experience.
~ Alex

Safely can say Tim is the first tutor who made me feel like I really could do math. His approach is awesome and he takes you through every step. Highly recommend him!
~ Sophie