Episode 2: Balance During NTI

Little Things are Big Things Education
Little Things are Big Things Education
Episode 2: Balance During NTI

Season 1, Episode 2.

Welcome to Little Things are Big Things Education with K-Dub and T-Free. We want to welcome you to a conversation about how valuable relationship building is with our students in the classroom. We will cover topics like; connection activities, how relationships can be used to encourage student growth, and sharing our favorite memories from teaching. Everything we have accomplished in our classrooms goes back to the relationships we build with our students and is totally replicable. Feel free to use, share, and adapt everything we provide here. And if you would like to go even deeper, we would love to have you join our Live Monthly Group where we go live, with you, every month for an hour and deep dive into the latest research and tools available for you to use in your classroom and connect with students. Now, without further ado, let’s get on to this week’s episode.

Welcome to week 2! Thanks for joining us again! This week we will start off by discussing how to navigate current events in your classroom, we Dave shares a connection activity called “Mic Check,” we have a conversation around our teaching and connecting during NTI (non-traditional instruction), and finish with a couple heart felt stories from students that know we care.

Link to Tim’s “Welcome and Goal Setting” Google Form and other free tools. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17w8rQbCM7-utYArzCcduYhT8nP3wygy4?usp=sharing This is a link to our shared folder with FREE resources for you. You can view them and when signed in to your Google account, you can make a copy! Feel free to use and modify for your classroom.

For additional resources and to join our Live Monthly Membership, please check out our website at https://LittleBigEd.com and https://PeakStateMathematics.com.

Free Resources found here!

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