Finding My Why


Perfect for you and/or your students to finding the underlying reasons why you make the decisions you make and then building a beautiful vision for where you want to go.

Do you feel like your students just don’t care right now? Like they don’t know why school is important? Maybe you have students, like I do, that are working full time and have made school something to do if they have time after work.
Wouldn’t it be nice to help them realize why school is important again? To have them discover the financial value in attending school? How great would it be for them to create self awareness around how their 6 Surviving and Thriving Needs impact their daily decisions?
This is the perfect assignment to help you connect with your students and to connect them to their why. Designed specifically to launch students into winter break fired up to set new goals and makeup any missing work to get back on track for the year. Maybe follow up with goal setting or creating a vision board. I’ve included my Vision Board Project as an added bonus!
You can do the activity yourself for FREE! Click here.
**Now with audio! Entire form has embedded videos of voice recordings of all text! Increase engagement with dynamic voice recordings.**
If you love it and want to be able to quickly gather your students information, please make a purchase. This item includes three Google Forms:
The entire lesson goes together well, or you can use them independently. There are free response questions for students to do some deep self reflecting on the Finding My Why and Vision Boards, and there is a “Jump to Section” design to the math parts of The Value of My High School Education to ensure they eventual get the right answer before moving on. I would encourage you to have music available to get your students (or yourself) into Peak State when building the vision board.
Thank you for stopping by and checking them out. Please feel free to email me directly if you have any questions or if I can help create something a little more custom for you and your student(s).


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