Episode 24: Head Dead, Heart Smart

Little Things are Big Things Education
Little Things are Big Things Education
Episode 24: Head Dead, Heart Smart

Season 1, Episode 24.

Welcome to Little Things are Big Things Education with K-Dub and T-Free. I’m Tim Freeburg, I teach high school math in Bowling Green, KY and am working on my 7th year of teaching in the classroom. In addition, I have facilitated social and emotional learning workshops around the country for 2 years with a group called Challenge Day. And I am David Kilpatrick-White. I have taught both middle school and high school social studies and am working through my 10th year. I also have coached primarily football, soccer and track  over the past 20 years. I have been both a head coach and a department head. We both want to welcome you to a conversation about how valuable relationship building is with our students in the classroom. We will cover topics like; connection activities, how relationships can be used to encourage student growth, and sharing our favorite memories from teaching. Everything we have accomplished in our classrooms goes back to the relationships we build with our students and is totally replicable. Feel free to use, share, adapt everything we provide here. And if you would like to go even deeper, we would love to have you join our Live Monthly Group, called the “Teacher Vault,” where we go live, with you, every month for an hour and deep dive into the latest research and tools available for you to use in your classroom and connect with students. You will also have access to teacher resources we have created and use in our classrooms. Now, without further ado, let’s get on to this week’s episode.

Welcome back to Heart Intelligence Week as we dive a little deeper into our big idea. It’s really this simple. If you are in your head, you’re dead. If you are in your heart, you’re smart! I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences where being in your head becomes a nightmare. You can’t seem to do the next right thing, you slip into a funk and you feel out of rhythm. There is a reason for that. When fear and anger take over, your heart and brave waves are jagged and out of sync. On the other side, and I’m sure you’ve felt this before too, when we are calm, feeling courageous and grateful, we feel like we are in flow. We can’t miss the shot, we close every deal, we get 100% on the test, we are completely in sync. Guess what!? Science shows that your heart and brain waves smooth out and overlap perfectly in these “flow” states.

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